Urgent Product Recall - 275N Twin Chamber Life Jacket

Your reference; 275N Twin Chamber Life Jacket Recall ND002/2023

Northern Diver is providing you with important information regarding the 275N Twin Chamber Life Jacket.

We regret inform that we are to recall all 275N Twin Chamber Life Jacket sold by Northern Diver.  There has been a certification issue with the Life Jacket and therefore as a safety precaution, has decided to immediately recall this product.

The following direction should be followed if possible:

  1. Identify the product and return to Northern Diver the returns process this will be at nil cost yourselves and the return procedure can be found below.
  2. If the Life Jacket is no longer in use, please confirm this as stated in the returns procedure that the Life Jacket is no longer in use or been disposed of.
  3. On return of the product, customers should then contact Northern Diver Ltd and we will inform you of when new stock will be made available.

275N Twin Chamber Life Jacket Returns Procedure

The following steps are to be conducted in order to return your 275N Twin Chamber Life Jacket to Northern Diver and no cost and minimal inconvenience to yourselves:


  1. Contact Northern Diver in writing by email or over the phone stating the reference number shown at the top of the page and the following bullet points as a guide to how we can best assist you:
    1. Product Recall ND002/2023. A Product Return Form can be found on our website: https://www.ndiver.com/assets/pdfs/returns-service-form.pdf this can be used although with regards to packaging and shipping follow step 1B where assistance is required.
    2. Request shipping labels from Northern Diver who will then supply you with the adequate information to return to Life Jacket, if packaging is required this will be sent to you with labels in order to return the item to Northern Diver or alternatively the cost P&P will be met in the refund.
  2. Please give as much detail as possible so we can meet all requirements required to get the Life Jackets back.
  3. If the Life Jacket(s) you have purchased are no longer in use, please confirm to Northern Diver that this is the case so we can account for that.

Northern Diver apologises for the inconvenience this may have caused and appreciate in advance your cooperation and support with this recall procedure.

Contact Details

  • Email: quality@ndiver.com
  • Call: +44 (0) 1257 25 44 44
  • We are also available on live chat via the website